Start the technique after warming the hands and rubbing the oil between the two hands. First we gently scrub the oil into all parts of the body. And then, referring to each other, from massage to the muscle of the lower back to the vascular muscles of the lumbar vertebrae in the straight line on the back of the muscles of the spinal cord, which is called Efflorescence.

With the pressure of both hands, we draw from the waistline to the trapezoid muscles circularly shaped the heart, we perform 2 to 5 times.

We put two hands together and massage the palms of the waist down to the trapezius muscles. After reaching the muscles, we press them on the shoulders, then we first perform one side and then repeat the other side in the same way. 5 times.

We put two hands together and move with a thumb to the trapezius muscles in a semicircle. Then we push the  muscles of the shoulder first, then we massage one side and then massage the other side.

Using the index finger and thumb of the muscles, the spine is massaged from the thigh to the muscles of the path by compression 3 to 5 times.

Press the two thumb muscles to hold the spinal support in a circular fashion from the muscle area to the trapezoid muscles. Massages the lines 1 and 2 simultaneously.

Massage the pressure with the pressure of both hands vertically from the sides of the spine to the sides with pressure. And in the back with the back of the hand, we go back with a calmness. This move takes place from the back of the thigh to the fifth to the vertebrae and we massage it upwards by hand palpation 3 to 5 times.

Hand and Thumb Pressure: Press the hand of one hand and push the thumb of the other hand one by one to massage the spinal support muscles from the thigh to the trapezius muscles 10 times.

Massage a muscle from the tracheal muscle and trapezius muscles with the pressure of one hand from the trapezius muscle to the lower thigh muscle on the first line. One-way spinal cord is called Rining’s 10 times.

Massage with a thumb of the outer margin of the scapular bone in the back and forth. In this case, we should be over the patient’s head. We will do the same again by returning.

First, we place the receiver at the top of the massage. We massage the outer edge of the bone in one direction from the armpit to the neck, respectively, in the photo. We do not massage it in the same direction.

As in the previous technique, the outer margin of the bone is pressed at the same time by thumb pressing this time. On the back, with the entire palm, we go back to the armpit on the shoulders. In this technique, the hands and palms are rotated.

The curved fingers simultaneously massage with both hands from the neck muscles and towards the lower back. And back in the same way we get back to the method of knuckle.

With both hands we pull the muscles of the head and trapezoid Then we massage the trapezoid muscle to the waist bezel with the hand blade on the line Back in the same direction with the push of a thumb, let’s do 3 to 5 times.Massage on the side of the back with an open paw of trapezoidal muscles and a support and a spine to the sides. Returning in the same way back, we do the same for the other side Three to five times each side is done individually and with two-hand press.

Perform the previous technique simultaneously on the two sides of the row in succession and with open fingers 3 to 5 times.

Massage of the neck muscles in a three-finger swirling with the claws of the poison.

By placing both hands on each other, we massage the spine from the trapezius muscles to the waist with the fingers. Back in the form of a zigzag or wave, you can perform this move only on the first line and zigzag 5 times.

From the side of the massage, the receiver simultaneously moves forward and forward in opposite directions and massage with the palm of the hand.

We lock the hands together and draw both hands on the back of the massage using a hyphenated number of 8 English recipients. We perform this move 3 to 5 times.


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