cover letter

Dear Fox Pest Control

I have been following to work as teacher of elementary school in Iran, focusing increasing the comprehension of concept and using varies technological facilities to improve their knowledge and solve the educational issues, to achieve more experiences regarding research methods, collecting data, and writing discussions at university of Allameh Tabatabaei. This is why I am thrilled to submit my cover letter and resume for a role as SEO Specialist at Fox Pest Control.

This is amazing that my life has been tied up to children for more than 7 years. I’ve started working with children as an English and Arabic tutor at the beginning of my bachelor’s to make some money. After my graduation in bachelor in educational technology, I have started working as an intern registered in “Ghalamchy” institute to make content and write scenario, and the animation’s team alter that scenario to animation and educational cartoons. Later on, during my master’s project, I used to work with children, for 3 months, in weblog environment. That was the point where one of the two main derivatives of my future career was built, working with children in new ways like website and making easier content to climbing up their perceive. Improve children’s interest to studying is one of my strengths.

Looking at my background shows years of field experience in teaching to children yoga, as a mentor for English and Arabic, building a site for have more connection. Furthermore, now I am an elementary teacher in school in Iran, managing myself and others are something I can easily deal with. Moreover, in 2018, I’ve started my own business. I was looking to extend my skills, focusing on leadership, team working, and time management. In parallel, I have never been disconnected from learning and my students. Working as a Seo specialist, I managed to foster my teaching skills involved in e-learning, distance learning, analysis different personality’s student, and finding new method to make learning better at all.

Therefore, I have some experiences making animation and content documents for a specific audience as well as good learning skills with lays to explain and clarify the context. During the years of my teaching and Seo specialist, I have learned to be well organized, well committed, and customer-oriented.

Working with technology will not be a mess for me, Microsoft office for documenting and analyzing data is a daily operation these days, I am skillful enough to do required analytics using excel, and other application like Photoshop, Kine master, INSHOT, MOZ, ALEXA, Search console, and and another SEO tools and even more. I used to manage my tasks using Trello tool. I am a quick learner and could get familiar with any kind of new platform and tools.