Lift the knee and put it on the inside Massaging from the groin to the knees with the palm of the hand in two fingers And then press from the knee to the wrist with the floor of the two hands with massage Then we put our knees and we are Efflorescence the entire surface of the leg with both hands.

The inner side of the foot

With the pressure of the two hands, we massage them from the groin to the knee in succession And then massage from the knee to the wrist.


Massage the back of the leg with thumb push down.


Toe and toe:

We massage the toe from the wrist to the finger in a tensile manner Then you pull your fingers and draw with two fingers and an intermediate one.

Massage the foot of the foot with the pressure of two upside-down thumbs Finally, we finish the massage with the palm of your hand by pulling the towel on the foot.



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